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Domestic loader technology development trend analysis
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/9/2 13:50:11   Hit:1167
At present, China's enterprises around the energy-saving and consumption reducing loader started upgrading to a new round of product technology, the key is the core parts of the system and to upgrade, upgrade the hydraulic system and hydraulic parts, transmission system and transmission components technology. It is worth mentioning that, unlike previous domestic engineering machinery products technology development route, the Chinese loader industry to upgrade its technology has evolved from simple to follow, follow the example of foreign advanced technology, the gradual transformation based on the world's leading technology, through technological innovation and develop the most suitable for loading machine technology China market.
Fusion of hydraulic system of variable and constant
At present, the international advanced hydraulic system the hydraulic system is a full variable load sensing, main components, working with the steering pump is the load sensing variable pump, valve load sensing steering valve and load sensing valve. The outstanding feature of this system is the operation good comfort, high work efficiency, obvious energy saving effect, but the cost is high, in addition to a small number of special products, in Chinese and even the whole world all less developed countries have basically no or only accounts for a small share of the market. To this end, the Chinese loader industry and related industry carried out a large number of technical innovation on the system, to maintain its advanced nature at the same time, large-scale manufacturing cost reduction. At present, the development and improvement of the work has achieved considerable, mainly for the following several kinds of different structure types.
Improvement of hydraulic system for multiple valve load sensing full variable
The system is still full of variables of load sensing hydraulic system, the innovation is mainly concentrated in the multiple way valve. The main body of multi way valve for general multi way valve has the advantages of low cost, small logic valve attached to a structure simple, cost less than two and all variable load sensing hydraulic system of multiple load sensing valve 1/4. of the system performance and prevailing abroad. Rather, only around 70% of its total cost.
Variable confluence unloading hydraulic system
Variable confluence unloading hydraulic steering system with load sensing part is still the variable pump with load sensing steering valve, the working part is composed of the quantitative pump and the ordinary multi-channel valve, system in additional priority valve, a shuttle valve, control valve and an unloading valve, completed a combined load sensing constant pressure variable pump and quantitative pump, the realization of the load sensing steering system for constant pressure variable, work for two kinds of system modes of constant pressure and variable system. As the industry of the maximum loading, unloading valve reached the highest setting pressure, work is in full quantitative pump unloading state. The system solves the throttle and steering the overflow loss of the system, the overflow loss and working system, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
Compared with the hydraulic system of full variable load, the system operating comfort, operation efficiency and its basic quite, but the cost is only 35% of the former, energy-saving effect is reached about 70% of the former. Compared with the quantitative system, the system energy saving about 70%, which is about 1.5 times the cost of. Can say, variable confluence unloading hydraulic system is a very high price, have a certain value of popularization.
Improved multi valve variable confluent hydraulic system
This system is integrated the first two improvement of the system, a steering part is the load sensing variable pump and the load sensing steering valve, multi way valve working part is comprehensive -- both by ordinary multi way valve and a small logic valve, pump work consists of quantitative pump and unloading valve, realize the double pump confluence through priority valve, to achieve the basic work, steering are load sensing variable system. Compared with the whole variable load sensing hydraulic system, the system operating comfort and work efficiency and a fairly basic, but the cost is only 50% of the former; compared with the quantitative system, energy saving effect of the system significantly, the cost is about 2 times that of the former. It can be said that the system is a good system of a cheap, high cost performance, high popularization value.