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Machinery and equipment for long-term use will cause the abrasion of equipment
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/9/4 14:00:55   Hit:1392
So important to the components of the crankshaft, in axial diameter welding is certainly harmful. Welding residual stress generated, has certain influence on the safety operation. Therefore, after the crankshaft repair welding, must pay attention to the residual stress through a variety of means to eliminate the hammering method, said front is a method of eliminating stress. Due to the impossibility of overall high temperature tempering, stress relieving not thorough enough, but can greatly reduce the residual stress, the stress tend to be gentle.
Reasonable reserve working parts is the material foundation of the on-site repair maintenance, preventive repair is the material guarantee of machinery and equipment, long-term use, will cause the equipment wear, aging, parts failure, damage, timely supply of parts not only can greatly shorten the repair maintenance all the time, but also can promote the regular maintenance and repair work the implementation of.
Strengthening responsibility cost management, improve the formulation of effective single accounting responsibility cost management measures, improve single accounting, is to eliminate waste, save the cost, enhance the sense of responsibility, the operating personnel to improve equipment utilization rate and an important means of intact rate of. Responsibility cost assessment should be the task of production and equipment management to reflect, will yield (value), consumption, equipment management index and closely with the interests of workers hanging hook, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff in the production and maintenance of equipment in order to achieve the purpose of equipment management. In short, equipment management at the basic level is good or bad, directly affect the enterprise's benefit, enterprise development put forward new requirements to the basic unit management, equipment management work only to continuously explore, and constantly adjust and improve the management methods to adapt with it, and the formation of effective management system, can provide a powerful guarantee for the modernization of enterprise and high efficiency.