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Service economy is or will become the new normal China industry
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/8/11 14:02:32   Hit:1489
China with thirty years development from agricultural country to industrial country, the economic structure of rapid transformation at the same time, is also facing the industry is "big but not strong", in the low-end of the embarrassing situation in global value chain. To change this situation, conform to the development trend of global service economy, service economy China promoting a new round of restructuring, is China current and future period of considerable length in the new challenges and the new tasks.
Not long ago, the general secretary of Xi Jinping pointed out: "China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, we must strengthen confidence, starting from the phase characteristics of the current economic development in China, to adapt to the new normal, keep the strategy of the normal state of mind." In the new normal to determine the characteristics of the current Chinese economy, and rise to a strategic height, indicate that central on the understanding Chinese economic growth stage variation rules of the more profound, is the transformation of the choice of macro policy, industry upgrading of enterprises produce great influence, decisive direction.
The new normal "new", means that different; the new normal "often", means that a relatively stable, mainly for economic growth rate is appropriate, structure optimization, social harmony; transferred to the new normal, means that the conditions and environment of the economic development of our country has or will produce many important changes, economic growth and over the past 30 years about 10% high speed of the basic bid farewell to the traditional, and the lack of balance, coordination, not sustainable basic bid farewell to the extensive growth pattern.
Based on the international experience and the reality of our country, the conversion period in the growth stage, the biggest characteristic economy is speed "next steps", "step" benefit; obvious feature of the new normal is growth power to realize the conversion of economic structure, balance again. Outstanding performance is: one, the production structure of agriculture and manufacturing industry proportion decreased significantly, significantly increased the proportion of service industry, the service industry replaces industry has become the main power of economic growth; two, the demand structure in the investment rate decreased, the consumption rate rises apparently, consumption has become the main demand; three, income structure in the enterprises accounted for the decreased significantly, the share of household income increased significantly; four, the power structure in the human resources, extensive investment decreased significantly, the progress of technology and innovation has become the "decide the success or failure of the outcome of the hand". In the rising and falling, the advanced productive forces will continue to produce and expansion, the backward productive forces will continue to shrink and exit, can the emergence of a series of new growth point, the formation of a new growth engine, will make some industry pay, be injured in the sinews or bones.
Service in higher proportion of the economy
Recently, the State Council on accelerating the development of the productive service industry and promote the guidance of adjusting and upgrading the industrial structure, which marks the China economic transformation and upgrading has taken an important step. China economic and industrial development is entering a "new normal" period. In 2013, China proportion of the third industry more than second industries for the first time, the first half of this year the third industry to GDP (GDP) is the proportion of 46.6%, faster than the industry growth rate continues, the proportion of GDP to continue to improve. Especially a lot of eastern coastal areas has been completed industrialization basically, need to post industrial stage, the formation of economic structure based on service economy.
In fact, in recent years, the traditional value chain of manufacturing industry continue to expand and extend its coverage, gradually from the manufacture field extends to the service area, the boundaries between manufacturing and services increasingly fuzzy, manufacturing and service gradually integrated with each other, the global production and operation activities is increasingly being incorporated into the global production service system based on the global value chain. The proportion of service in the enterprise more and more high value and profit in the global industrial structure, showing a new trend of "industrial economy" the transition to "service economy".
The depth and scope of the transfer of international service industry expansion
Research shows that, at present, the service of intermediate inputs accounted for manufacturing enterprise of intermediate input costs to around 70%, the effective demand for producer services to nearly 70% from the second industry, especially with the global production network Multi-National Corporation layout, enterprise division, intra product specialization feature more prominent, which drives the service offshore. In 2012 the global service outsourcing market scale reached $975000000000, a growth rate of 30%~40%. In 2020 is expected to reach $1.65~1.8 trillion.
Productive service industry large-scale expansion in American is in on century 80~90 age. Since 1980, America economy production service industry increased by 59%, which is more than 2 times the overall service industry growth rate. From 2002 to 2011, about half the industry to increase the production of as intermediate inputs of services purchased, the largest increase in computer and electronic products.
After the 2008 global financial crisis, the breadth and depth of international transfer of service industry are in constant expansion. In the step of adjustment of a new round of world industrial structure of manufacturing industry and service industry, the "double shift" trend is obvious, in the Multi-National Corporation of a new round of industrial adjustment, the trend of capital transfers to the service industry has become more and more obvious. USA "re industrialization", "wave of German industry 4" and "Internet factory" strategy, and countries such as Japan and South Korea manufacturing transition is not a simple traditional manufacturing regression, the development mode of production innovation, but enhance the productive efficiency and emerging industries. Especially the information technology has entered a new period of development, cloud computing, large data, virtual reality, mobile Internet, Internet of things technology breakthrough, brought a deep change to the pattern of the application of information technology. 3D print, intelligent robot, artificial intelligence