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Good policy to stimulate the development of our country second-hand agricultural machinery market
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/9/15 14:09:46   Hit:1127
Our country agriculture environment has profound influence on the second-hand agricultural machinery demand. From this year the agricultural environment, four aspects of the main push the development of agricultural markets: one is the agricultural modernization in the growth stage; two is the mechanization, improved varieties will become the development trend of modern agriculture China; three is to bring opportunities for the agricultural development of new land market; four is the policy dividend become development boosters.
In the rural reform has lagged behind the city situation, the future of rural land reform will be greater, in ensuring that farmers have no loss of benefits, from city land paid use way, the introduction of market mechanisms, the establishment of rural land right of management circulation system. The next five to ten years of China's rural land management rights will achieve full circulation of second-hand agricultural machinery industry, the rapid growth of the "contact" has been launched. The current situation of rural labor China determines the land circulation, intensive management will become the basic objective of future development.
The central first document in 2014 continue to focus the "three rural", decided the dividend policy of our country agriculture machinery market has become the first driving force of pulling the market. Further efforts to increase agricultural subsidies, will drive a farmer to work actively. The contracted land ownership, contractual rights, management rights "separation of three rights" formally put on the rural land system and property right law construction level, big release will once again urge the rural productivity, promoting the modern agriculture, the agricultural science and technology innovation of rural water conservancy, will become popular.
Second-hand agricultural machinery market highlights the favorable policy environment, economic crop, forestry, animal husbandry machinery ushered in a growth opportunity. Big changes in the environment, accelerate the transfer of agricultural land, large growth opportunities. Equipment market, water-saving irrigation agricultural market high-end; agricultural engineering machinery usher in development opportunities; national industry will receive significant support.