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NDRC: actively use price leverage to invigorate the market to promote economic transformation and up
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/8/9 14:10:33   Hit:1147
Recently, the national development and Reform Commission sources said the first half of the year, up 2.3% year-on-year CPI, keep the overall price level basically stable. The use of the favorable opportunity, the general level of prices low for the focus on decentralization, further reducing the government pricing project, narrow the scope of government pricing; accelerate the improvement is mainly determined by the market price mechanism, open, adjust the price of goods and services a number of government management; the use of price leverage to promote energy saving and environmental protection, resolve the excess capacity, has taken a greater pace, achieved positive results.
One, accelerate "put", fully invigorate the market
Closely around to make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, has released 26 goods and service prices, further encourage social capital to enter, invigorate the market, perfect market system, promote economic growth.
One is to let go of the public medical institutions of medical service price. To implement the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the service industry, issued a release of non-public medical institutions of medical service price, encourage social do medical policies and measures. The measures to guide and encourage social do medical, expand the service supply, form diversified do medical pattern, the medical service to promote orderly competition and healthy development.
Two is the opening up of low drug prices in the Medicare directory. According to the low cost of production and changes in market supply and demand characteristics, on health care within a directory low-priced drugs, let go of the highest retail price, changed to control average daily usage fees limit standard, daily use cost, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is not more than 3 yuan and not more than 5 yuan, the specific transaction prices determined by market competition, establish more sensitive pricing mechanism market supply and demand, alleviate some low-priced drugs short stainless pump consisting of Lin Qiu Chan Cheng frog "extravagant kinds
The three is a quasi pool of railway freight transport price first release of social investment, specific tariff level determined by the railway transport enterprise and user, investment consultation, release to encourage, guide actively the construction of social capital investment in the railway signal.
The four is combined with the Ministry of industry and information technology fully liberalized various telecommunications tariff, and regulated by the market price, the effect is remarkable, telecommunication enterprises have launched some new tariff packages, generally reduces the charging standards, provides more choices for the user, pull the information consumption, subject to all aspects of social welcome.
Five is to drive around the full liberalization of seed, silkworm cocoon, two alkali industrial salt industry and the price of agricultural means of production, to further improve the market efficiency, promote the building of unified and open, competitive and orderly market system.
Six is the opening up of real estate consulting, patent agents, customs clearance service, voluntary product certification, quality (environment) system certification services 11 price, and in addition to preparatory work for consulting, government investment projects or services other than construction project survey and design, tender agent, engineering supervision services 4 prices, lowering real estate brokerage fee management authority, effective to enhance the service level of the intermediary, professional organizations, encourage market competition, promote the healthy development of service market.
Two, to "build", better play the role of price mechanism
Toward the direction of the market, to seize the key areas, the establishment of a sound better reflect market supply and demand constraints of the price formation mechanism. In key areas related to people's livelihood, the distinction between basic and non basic, guarantee the basic life demand, non basic needs is more a reflection of market supply and demand.
One is the start of cotton in Xinjiang, northeast and Inner Mongolia soybean target price reform pilot. In early April, late May has announced the 2014 cotton, soybean price level. This is a great innovation of system of perfect our country agricultural product price and market regulation mechanism, is conducive to the market mechanism to play a better role in protecting the interests of farmers basis, to promote the healthy development of agricultural industry. Start a pilot since, Xinjiang cotton planting area is stable, the domestic and foreign cotton, soybean market spreads gradually reduce, business confidence, the vitality of the market gradually increase.
Two will be creating issued on accelerating the establishment of guidance of urban residents water price system, put forward by the end of 2015, a city in principle to the full implementation of the residents stepped water price system. At present, the national 36 large and medium-sized city has 21 to implement the residents stepped water pricing system, obvious water saving effect.
Three is the full deployment of the implementation of tiered pricing system by gas residents living requirements, before the end of 2015 all have ventilation city established residents use gas price ladder system. At present, the city of more than 5 provinces have implemented step gas price system, further enhance the residents awareness of energy conservation.
Four is to further improve the hydropower electricity price formation mechanism, a clear cross regional trading price by negotiation between the parties to determine, implement the sub province of the province electricity price benchmarking consumption, while encouraging determine hydropower price through competition, and gradually unified river basin cascade hydropower stations on the net price, greater play to the market's role in resource allocation.
Three, ordered "tune", to promote sustainable development and transformation and upgrading
Service the overall situation of macro-control, and further rationalize the relations between prices, adjust some reasonable price, take the initiative to use the price lever to promote the healthy development of the industry, to promote environmental protection, power adjustment of economic structure.
One is towards the improvement of railway freight rate formation mechanism, and gradually straighten out the price level target, the country iron goods unified freight tonne kilometers increased 1.5 points, the railway transport enterprise every year can increase the income of about 35000000000 yuan, also relax price control, the railway freight by the government pricing to the government guidance price, upper limit control, have overall operating efficiency to improve the comprehensive transportation system, promoting iron