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Explore the new technical revolution tide exactly what will be the impact?
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The third industrial revolution manufacturing technology, information technology, new energy technology from the focus of intelligence, to the Internet technology to promote manufacturing industry trend of intelligent industry 4...... Now, a revolutionary power is sweeping the world, all the people in the rub one's eyes and wait this round of technology revolution exactly what will be the impact?
Study on industry and enterprise development, the enterprise strategy and management, the reform of state-owned enterprises and other aspects of the theory has long been engaged in Fudan University professor Rui Mingjie School of management, has presided over a number of projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, the national social science fund project, provincial and ministerial level projects, and the Lord to complete dozens of Shanghai City Hall and major planning, large Enterprise Inc commissioned industry development, strategic planning and reform project. In his view, the technology revolution will not only change the traditional production mode, production mode and organizational mode of production, will also lead to major changes in the global human way of life. In the face of such change trend, manufacturing industry must upgrade soon, while Shanghai's industrial economy to seize the opportunity to tight encirclement, to realize the transformation of development, the future to realize innovation drive, must pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, incentive mechanism with competitive and supporting environment for creative talents.
Technological innovation focus on three main areas
In 2013, Germany will rise as the national strategic industry 4. Germany is pushing for a plurality of major laboratory work together, connect a large number of plant through the Internet technology, thus the intelligent transformation. According to Rui Mingjie introduction, 4 of industrial project is divided into two themes, one is the smart factory, focuses on the research of intelligent production system and process, and the realization of the production facilities of network distributed; two is the intelligent production, mainly relates to the entire enterprise production logistics management, human-computer interaction as well as the 3D technology application in the industrial production process. Etc.. The plan will pay special attention to attract small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in, to enable SMEs to become the users and beneficiaries of the production technology of a new generation of intelligent, but also become the advanced production technology and the creators of the supplier industry.
In his view, present a new round of technological change is mainly focused on three major areas. The first is the new energy, energy now human use basically or fossil energy, are non renewable, and pollution is serious. These non renewable resources with the constantly mining, storage will be less and less. We all like to have renewable cleaner sources of energy to replace the existing energy. Judging from the current situation, the much discussed or solar energy.
The second is manufacturing technology. The traditional manufacturing technology can be called to cut manufacturing first do a mold, through multi-channel after cutting, then forming parts or products. It is not difficult to find, the whole production process is the process of cutting type, unavoidably cause waste such as leftover material and the like, and the amount of labor input. While the 3D printing technology can be called new additive manufacturing, it is the principle of taking digital model files as the basis, the use of powdered metal or plastic can be bonded materials, to construct the object layer by layer print mode, printing material is a layer by layer stacking up, do not need to be cut to a forming. Cut from the type to the superposition type, change is the essence of the realization of personalized production.
The third is the Internet technology. 'intelligent interconnection system of industrial 4' is to speak of, will become a breakthrough Internet entered the manufacturing system. He said, if the consumer demand for personalized data acquisition, equal to form a large database. The Internet can be fast, low cost to large data transfer over, intelligent manufacturing system according to the individualized requirements, processing the corresponding products.
Change of production, but also change the life
Rui Mingjie said, technological innovation will bring great impact on the manufacturing of existing mode of production, mode and organization of production mode. For example, the intelligent equipment research and development is needed, the 3D printer requires a variety of materials, new materials extends many industries; mentioned intelligent interconnection system, not only is the Internet and the Internet of things. All of these will likely lead to our mode of production changes.
He pointed out that, our traditional mode of production is called mass, mass standard production, to meet the needs of everyone out of cheap mass production. And a new mode of production will be based on Internet technology as the support, to intellectualized based, mass customization production methods. The concept of original custom may be small batch, but in the future with the development of technology has the possibility to solve the mass customization. Because the population is so large, everyone has their own needs, we must solve the problem of mass customization, and the small size of the custom can only solve a small part of the high-end demand. Of course, now the mass customization has not far away, is slowly into reality.
Why the new technology can also lead to the human way of life change? We now production organization mode and concentration of production, global distribution, and the future production organization mode will be dispersed production, on-site sales. Thus, no stock, transport is not, save a lot of social resources, but also reduce emissions. He said, with the development of the Internet, we can no longer need to concentrate to the office work in the future, directly on the line at home, drove back and forth the waste of resources is not necessary. As at home in Is it right? At work, through the sensor can know, so the traffic problem will solve many, way of life is being taken into