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Tips to prolong the service life of equipment Dongying machinery
News Source:TieTong   Date:2013/10/16 14:21:09   Hit:1454
General engineering machinery and equipment costs are very high, so we should take good care of engineering machinery, prolong the life of Engineering machinery.
In addition to minimize the impact of harmful elements, should also ensure the normal working load in the use of Engineering machinery. The following is to explain in detail
1, to reduce the influence of temperature
In the work, the various parts of the temperature has the respective normal ranges. As a general cooling water temperature is 80-90 DEG C, the hydraulic drive system of hydraulic oil temperature is 30-60 DEG C, below or over this range will be accelerated wear parts, caused by lubricant oil deterioration, resulting in change of material properties and so on.
Experiments show that all kinds of engineering machinery, the main drive gear and bearing lubrication oil in -5 deg.c in operation than running in the lubricating oil of 3 DEG C, wear to increase 10-12 times. But when the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the lubrication oil deterioration, such as oil temperature more than 55-60 DEG C, the oil temperature rise every 5 DEG C, the oxidation rate of oil will be doubled. Therefore, the engineering machinery in use process, to prevent the cold under overload operation, to ensure the normal operation of low pre temperature stage, make the machine reaches the specified temperature after traveling or working, not because I had no problems and neglect its important role; two to prevent the machine running under high temperature, mechanical operation process should always check the values of various thermometer, found the problem immediately shut down for inspection, found fault and remove. For I could not find the reason, can never be not treated and still make the mechanical work. In the usual work, should pay attention to check operation of cooling system. The water-cooled machine, daily work must be checked before, add cooling water; on air-cooled machine, also need to regularly clean the dust air cooling system, ensure the cooling duct open.
2, to reduce the influence of mechanical impurities
Mechanical impurities generally refers to the dust, soil and other non-metallic material and engineering machinery in use process itself produces some metal shavings, wear product etc.. Once these impurities into the internal machinery, arrived at the mating surface mechanical between, the harm is great, not only make the relative motion out block, accelerated wear parts, and will scratch the mating surface, damage of the lubricating oil film, so that the parts temperature, lubricant oil deterioration.
According to the determination of mechanical impurities in the lubricant, increased to 0.15%, the rate of wear of engine first piston ring will be 2.5 times larger than the normal value; the rolling shaft with into the impurity particles, its life will be reduced 80%-90%. Therefore, for the engineering machinery works in bad environment, conditions for a complicated place, use good quality, the supporting parts and lubricating oil, lubricating grease, the source block harmful impurity; two to do a good job of mechanical protective work site, ensure the corresponding agencies can operate normally, prevent all kinds of impurities into the internal machinery. The failure of the machine, try to place regular repair repair. Field repair, also want to do protective measures, to prevent the replacement field repair parts by dust and other impurities in entering the machine before the pollution.
3, reduce all kinds of corrosive effect
The metal surface and the surrounding medium for chemical or electrochemical action and damaged phenomenon known corrosion. The corrosion will not only affect the normal work of mechanical equipment and appearance, corrosion to the internal machinery parts. Such as rain, the air in the chemical substances through foreign channels, machinery parts and components as well as the gaps into the internal machinery, internal corrosion of mechanical parts, accelerate the mechanical wear, increase the mechanical fault. Because of the corrosive effect is sometimes not see, not to feel, be ignored easily, so the greater the harm. When in use, the management and operation personnel according to the local weather conditions, then the air pollution situation, take effective measures to reduce the influence of corrosion on mechanical, chemical, is focused on preventing the chemical composition of rainwater and air invasion of machinery.
4, to ensure the normal working load
The size and properties of mechanical engineering work load has an important effect on the loss of mechanical process. In general, the wear of the parts as the load is increased proportionally with increasing. When the load parts subjected to higher than average design load, the wear will increase. In addition, under the same conditions, the stability of the load ratio under dynamic load wear small, less failure, low life. Experiments show that, the engine work in the unstable work load and stability under load comparison, wear the cylinder will increase 2 times. Work under the normal load of the engine, the failure rate is low, and extend the life of. On the contrary, the overload of the engine, the failure rate increased, life will also reduce the ratio design index. Often in the mechanical wear large scale changes in load is greater than the continuous and stable working machinery.
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