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The timely discovery improving preventing accidents of the potential problems of machine equipment
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/9/19 15:11:37   Hit:1284
Intelligent diagnosis system in the machine operation and maintenance of mine hoist fault diagnosis method, the working principle and the intelligent diagnosis system of intelligent diagnostic system is in failure, the brake friction hoisting overwind, sliding failure to establish fault analysis model as the basis, combined with neural network model, which constitute the basic structure of fault diagnosis. Practice through the electric control system of hoist speed loop, current loop, exciter ring given loop and feedback loop in power monitoring and curve analysis, hydraulic system hydraulic, electro-hydraulic proportional valve control current, accumulator nitrogen pressure parameters and electronic control system fault mechanism analysis, to judge the hoist the work of the state, and predicted its historical trend; the hoist disc brake failure mechanism for detailed study and analysis of force, to run the state parameters of brake fault diagnosis. The core of fault diagnosis technology is the performance characteristics analysis of various fault running through information and identifying the various features, so as to correctly distinguish all kinds of equipment failure, occurred early in the fault can determine the location and degree of failure, and failure to provide treatment for decision analysis.
Including the diagnosis method of concrete: analog denoising using wavelet, intelligent discrimination on the characteristic parameters of braking positive pressure; by using fuzzy mathematics theory and method, for different fault, extraction of switch quantity, the corresponding analog signal and pulse signal, different processing methods, machine fault diagnosis expert system the development of the mine hoist; and under the condition of DOS DC hoist electric control part of the machine for knowledge representation and fault reasoning. Not only can identify and eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents in the production system of intelligent diagnosis system is obtained in the application of mine operation effectiveness of fault monitoring and diagnosis technology, also can timely find out the potential problems of lifting machine, preventing accidents equipment occurs, so as to avoid casualties, environmental pollution and huge economic losses. As an important part of modern industry, the application of online fault intelligent diagnosis system, can repair the system of regular equipment instead of traditional "modern maintenance techniques predict repair". Compared with the regular shutdown maintenance, online fault intelligent diagnosis to save a lot of repair time, repair workload and repair costs, so that the normal operation of the equipment of the time was lengthened, the production efficiency is increased greatly, has created the huge economic efficiency for the enterprise.