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Financial internationalization to promote manufacturing overseas development
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/9/27 15:18:35   Hit:1456
"The first session of the global Leasing Industry Competitiveness Forum" in September 19th -20 day held in tianjin. The following is the ZOOMLION Finance Leasing Company deputy general manager Zhang Lei speech content.
I'm very glad to have this opportunity with everyone together to exchange some practice of ZOOMLION to the lease, we start from a data chart. I probably is divided into three parts, the first is the financial leasing why to go out, the second is ZOOMLION on some thinking to go out, third us through the process of internationalization, we also think Chinese going out of the word, I hope what support.
The first aspect, this map, we chose American and Japan, we will also mention Chinese. The two picture is hope that we see a trend, is American and Japanese construction machinery export their presents how rules. Basically is a small oscillation, the overall upward trend. Of course 08 years caused by the financial crisis impact on exports, two countries were adjusted. Just a comparison of two countries, now we chose two countries very typical world-class enterprises, a American the Caterpillar one is Japanese Komatsu. The following is a number ratio and absolute Caterpillar overseas sales. You can see the obvious rising trend. Overseas accounted for above 50%, before also has such a trend, we just such a Komatsu, are also common, probably to 2013 began his international and overseas share may bickart bel is going to be a bit late, after all Caterpillar has a long history of development.
We put the focus to the Caterpillar above, development of this picture is to select overseas, is also very obvious. An increased speed curve. By 2013, Carter's sales accounted for more than 60% of the financial income, Carter and ZOOMLION similar, we also have their own Financial Services Company. From this picture before and engineering equipment export map, this two picture contrast, along with the product sales, his corresponding financial services also showed the same trend.
An enterprise may not explain all of the rules, we can also see some things. Internationalization of financial services and manufacturing internationalization is actually have the same effect to promote. This is a picture of us to USA Ye Hao, Japan, Carter, Komatsu, we do some research, we draw a pattern, we find that manufacturing internationalization and overseas development, in fact, there is a close relationship between the. Manufacturing power rise after all is by local steering abroad. I want to emphasize is not said and internationalization of manufacturing industry, is not to say that have their own Financial Services Company, to have such a trend, I refer to the financial services is relatively broad service, manufacturing equipment is the same.
Can say, the equipment manufacturing industry overseas expansion, financial internationalization also promotes the development of manufacturing industry. Now, over the past 20 years ago Chinese and America situation is the same, now Chinese are turning to internationalization, I with you to one of our judgment, we have carefully studied the equipment manufacturing industry, some of the development rules and characteristics of his, we think that the equipment manufacturing industry and construction machinery manufacturing industry more obvious, he started from the development of in the beginning, experienced three stages. Import substitution, overseas expansion and global supply.
The first stage is the import substitution, is our own production equipment to replace imported from overseas. In this process, I cite an example, there is a truck mounted concrete pump equipment, the car before it needs lots of imports, but after ten years of development, we arrived 90 time end when it completed the import substitution. 95% pump products are made by China native, 5% are overseas brand. So this characteristic is very obvious. In fact, concrete industry, now Chinese top three machinery manufacturers, respectively acquired three manufacturers in the world. So, I want to say is that import substitution. At present Chinese enterprises has been slowly approaching the import substitution sectors, are exported to overseas development power link. There is no like Carter and Komatsu from overseas development to jump the global supply of.