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The development tendency of Chinese engineering machinery overseas market strong
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/9/27 15:19:29   Hit:1286
Internationalization has been an important field of engineering machinery industry exploration, especially in recent years China engineering machinery market downturn, many companies look abroad, continues to accelerate the pace of internationalization, expand export. Chinese enterprises continue to expand exports, increase the pace of internationalization strategy, and achieved some remarkable results, let Chinese engineering machinery enterprise full of confidence in the international.
Domestic construction machinery enterprises overseas strong development momentum
Recently, Sany learned from three one excavator, internationalization of eye-catching performance. Sany excavator has been an important growth point of profit, Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association excavator branch recently released data show, 2014 first half of the year, into the global 28 machinery manufacturing enterprises to statistics, total sales of all types of mining machinery products 61204. Among them, Sany excavator market share of over 14%, to continue to occupy the first position in the market.
In the overseas market America, three one excavator sales in the first half of the record high; in the Asia Pacific region, three one excavators gradually won high approval by local customers; in Latin America, three one machine further increase brand awareness, in April of this year occurred in three one Columbia mine disaster rescue, digging machine even as rescue force...... "Three one comprehensive performance index of excavator compared to Europe and the United States on the frontline brands, products and high ratio of performance to price, plus three one service quality and customer service capabilities are exceeded customer expectations, these are three one excavator sales overseas a lot of extra points." Deputy general manager Wang Xu said the three one heavy machine marketing company.
At the same time, we also learned that ZOOMLION in the first half of 2014 earnings of about 1100000000, of which overseas business force can be greatly improved. In July 14th, ZOOMLION released the first half of 2014 the announcement of performance pre notice. Announcement shows, ZOOMLION first half net profit attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation will drop compared to the same period 60-70%, profit is expected in 872000000 -11.62 billion. Although, a small drop in ZOOMLION's results, but there are still some outstanding performance of the plate. ZOOMLION overseas business environment and enhance the apparent force. The first half of 2014, the company income and environmental sanitation machinery products overseas sales income to achieve better growth. In overseas markets, ZOOMLION actively expand overseas blueprint, the establishment of Indonesian subsidiary, overseas to create "localization" platform mode; the establishment of South shop image; expand the Belgium European high-end market, further consolidate the position of ZOOMLION in the international market and the influence of.
In addition, as one of the big three China engineering machinery industry, Xugong in overseas markets is also Triumphant news. In June, XCMG products in overseas markets Triumphant news. -- 300 cranes exported to West Asia and North Africa and Central Asia, become this year the largest export industry crane bulk orders; the value of 15 sets of two thousand million of XCMG crawler crane sent to the Middle East; 1250 tons crawler crane exports in Southeast Asia, a domestic exports the largest tonnage record; 120 sets of truck crane batch export to Russia; 13 table horizontal directional drilling the first batch export of Brazil; more than 100 sets of the dump truck cylinder with overseas market, become a new breakthrough of Xugong core parts of the product; especially 40 mining machine to enter the high-end market of North America, highlighting the Xugong accelerate the development pace of the high-end market, greatly encouraged and boost market confidence. Engineering machinery and equipment in order to "XCMG" as a symbol, products with superior performance has been widely used and Yu Hai both inside and outside the big project, represents the image of Chinese manufacturing.
In 2013, Liugong machinery machine annual export volume of over 10000 for the first time in taiwan. The market of machinery of our country project development downturn in 2013, Liugong machinery to actively explore overseas markets, in the industry downturn, export to achieve substantial growth in 2013, Liugong machine export more than 10000 units, a record company record. 2013 is the Liugong fully implement the international strategy for 10 years, since 2002, Liugong proposed "building international open, Liugong" strategy, continuously expanding overseas markets: the company's overseas business income from the beginning of the millions of dollars, the leap to $600000000; Liugong overseas distributors team, from a few people, to the development of currently has more than 200 dealers, covering more than 100 countries and regions; the company sales in overseas markets accounted for the total business income from less than 2%, has increased to 30%. at present, Liugong overseas already has set up 10 marketing and manufacturing subsidiary.
Customs statistics show, the first half of 2014, China Construction Machinery Import and export trade amounted to $12066000000, a year-on-year growth of 0.64%. in which the amount of imports for 2424000000 dollars, 0.24% year-on-year decline; export amount of $9642000000, a year-on-year increase of 0.87%; realize the trade surplus of $7218000000 to $89050000, year-on-year expansion.
Engineering machinery overseas market potential unlimited
Russia in recent years has become one of the development of the construction area of the highest in the world. "Analysis" shows the CIS construction machinery market, since 2000, every year the Russian construction market with the rapid growth of 10% to 15% of the speed, greatly promote the development of construction machinery market. From 2013 to 2016, the average annual amount of engineering machinery products market demand growth is expected in about 12%.
However, in such a huge market, the Russian domestic brand market share is limited, many mechanical products rely on imports from abroad, imports of machinery and equipment in the Russian imports accounted for 30%. in recent years, Chinese engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises seize the opportunity, on homeopathy, to enter the Russian market, to occupy half of the country in the mass market. Statistical data shows, 2011,