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Priority selection simultaneously with the installation quality of the machinery and equipment renta
News Source:TieTong   Date:2014/9/20 15:22:46   Hit:1489
Construction elevator selection and leasing, construction elevator selection. Qualified product selection ensures the product quality, excellent performance, complete safety devices, safety technical file integrity of the well-known enterprises or large enterprises. It is strictly prohibited to use a construction elevator in any of the following circumstances: first the national clear provisions are not allowed to use or have been eliminated. II have not in conformity with the technical safety standards, or after use period. The inspection found not in conformity with the provisions of security technology standard. There's no complete safety technical archives. The not complete and effective safety protection device. Construction lift rental. Rental unit shall have the corresponding qualifications, good reputation, sound management, managers, operators have the corresponding qualification certificate; and should be the preferred option also has the installation quality of the machinery and equipment rental units. Rental units must be and the signing of a lease contract and safety management agreement, both sides clear safety responsibility and obligation.
Construction elevator installation, disassembly and acceptance of construction elevator installation, disassembly and inspection management is the key link in the entire process management, must be strictly. The first construction elevator installation unit should have the administrative department in charge of Construction issued the work safety license contract specialized lifting equipment installation engineering quality and construction enterprise, safety management, management mechanism to ensure a sound system, safety management system etc.. Secondly, the installation unit must work strictly according to the special construction plan approval, perform their respective duties strictly according to the contract and the relevant provisions. Infrastructure construction. Should strictly implement the relevant specifications, the special plan approval and product instructions for use in construction of foundation, and press the "building construction elevator installation, use, removal specifications safety" (JGJ215-2010) on the basis of acceptance, qualified acceptance can install rear. This is a very critical step, will directly affect the back construction elevator installation, use, remove the safety.