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There are a lot of elevator safety protection device should pay attention to all be checked every da
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On the standard section, connecting bolts and other connecting parts attached to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to ensure that all firm and reliable connection. Anti falling safety device and drop test. Anti falling safety device is an important component of the construction of the lift on, we can use the anti falling safety device to avoid cage fall accidents, thus ensuring maximum occupant safety. Therefore, we must be strict in the anti falling safety device completes the factory test, each of anti falling safetydevice should have the test report, after 5 years of use must not then use, assembled to a construction elevator after the test fall under the rated load, and the provisions of the construction elevator in normal use, within 3 months to ensure that at least 1 times rated load drop test. The anti falling safety device must be in accordance with the regulations, inspection and regular testing, to nip in the bud. Mechanical management personnel first to check the anti falling safety device on the sign and the test report, see the Is it right? In the period of use, Is it right? Accord with the standards; secondly, strict supervision of rental units according to the provisions of the drop test.
Check the safety limit and protection device. There are a lot of elevator safety protection device, we must pay attention to are required to inspect them every day, and in preparation for the operation, to perform a full stroke test run. In determining the can after the normal operation can be formally put into operation. The fence door electric interlock. When the cage to rise out of the low, mechanical interlocking the enclosure door will automatically lock cannot be opened. The enclosure door electric interlock in the open state, can not start the hoist. The feeding door electric interlock. Mechanical interlock to make the door cannot be opened in the cage, lifting, if you can open, that interlock malfunction; electrical interlock to feed the door open in the lifting process, then the cage will automatically stop, or if the operation of the state, that electric interlock failure. The discharging door electric interlock, the examination method and the feeding door is the same. The each layer of protective door shall be capable of the reliable locking, whole process management can only be in the cage stops when talking about the construction elevator opened by the cage personnel. The limit switch, we need to check the switch Is it right? To normal use, the switch and the lower limit position of collision, collision block Is it right? Accurately, Is it right? Can guarantee sensitive, reliable dynamic. The upper, lower limit switch is a switch control circuit is respectively two rise and fall of the circuit. When the examination, collision switch, a lower limit Is it right? Accurate, sensitive, reliable to check. The cage door safety switch, at the top of the cage, is provided with a movable door, but also the escalator, which is mainly used to make installation, disassembly staff up and down or emergency personnel escape the cage with, in order to ensure the safety work, elevator in operation must be top door closed cage cage top door provided with a limit; switch, to ensure the operation of cage top door is in a closing state. The cable protection shall comply with the instructions for use and related requirements. To the emergency stop switch control panel installed in the driver operation, for emergency use. The choice of the emergency stop switch, the lifting of the suspension cage can stop. The alarm sound not only to be loud, but also requires clear.