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Ten major technology trend of environment will bring to the future of engineering machinery
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With the increasing development of science and technology, engineering machinery will also be changed turn the world upside down, want to know the future of engineering machinery is what kind of? Then take you to understand the ten major technology trend of environment impact to construction machinery in the future will bring. With the increasing development of science and technology, engineering machinery will also be changed turn the world upside down, want to know the future of engineering machinery is what kind of? Then take you to understand the ten major technology trend of environment impact to construction machinery in the future will bring.
1, upgrading faster
With the development of modern high technology, the development and innovation of technology products in the world construction machinery more quickly, more and more short update cycle of upgrading, product groups to expand, more and more perfect product series.
2, environmental protection requirements of the increasing
For the sustainable development of human society and economy, world public put forward more and more strict requirement for environment protection, engineering machinery are no good environmental performance will become one of the important indexes to participate in international market competition, has become many industrial developed country market access card.
3, small and large specification and development
Large and medium-sized engineering machinery is still the mainstream of global construction machinery, annual sales of about $70000000000, but construction machinery toward small and large ends of the extension of the trend is very obvious, with the further development of infrastructure construction of various countries, the large-scale infrastructure construction projects has decreased, while the repair protection and city small projects are on the rise, in order to save the high human cost, improve work efficiency, a variety of small, micro mechanical engineering have been developed. These mechanical equipment can carry out construction operation in narrow zones, or applied in family residential and small project.
4, personalized and multifunctional coexist
Engineering category, materials, the scale of development and construction of the different environment, proposes the personalized requirements and multiple functions of engineering machinery, and the realization of the development of modern technology and the design of flexible manufacturing technology and the product personalization and multifunctional created conditions. Personalized products is to adapt to occur in a specific condition, the use of a machine is another direction of engineering machinery, which will undoubtedly improve the utilization rate of equipment.
5, the principle of innovation and breakthrough
The operation principle of engineering machinery including on earth cutting, crushing, backfilling of geotechnical material, sieving, mixing and heating the mixture, paving, leveling and compaction, etc.. The operation theory was originally to bionics and Newtonian mechanics based, modern science and the development of engineering machine working principle for the new lay the foundation. For example, mechanical vibration, pulse jet, the photoelectric effect and thermal physics applications, save resources for the realization of engineering machinery, improve project quality, improve production efficiency, reliability, driving comfort and the degree of automation to create conditions.
6, hydraulic transmission
In twentieth Century 60 time begin to apply to engineering machinery, and gradually obtained the promotion and popularization. Hydraulic transmission greatly simplifies the design of transmission and control system, hydraulic transmission smooth convenient operation and labor saving, easy to realize stepless speed regulation and automatic control, improve the overall efficiency of production and the compaction quality of construction machinery.
7, the principle of human engineering
Since the 80's attention in twentieth Century, many of the world's large engineering machinery manufacturing company invests great manpower and money in the modern design methodology for the research and application of ergonomics design ideas of advocating people-oriented, pay attention to the coordination between human and machine. The application of electronic technology in mechanical engineering is greatly simplified the operation of the driver program and improve the technical performance of the machine. The use of electronic control can automatically select the machine operation mode; the use of electronic monitoring can detect and troubleshooting machine system; processed by a microcomputer can automatically detect the quality of the work machine by using electronic sensors.
8, industrial design concept in product design
Industrial design is the design of industrial products, also known as the product artistic design. Modeling the mechanical engineering design can make the machine to form and the structure, function and use of unity, and with the psychological and physical coordination. This modelling design should include ministries of proper shape, smooth, color coordination, arrangement of instrument appearance, and easy to operate and intuitive trademark symbol etc.. At present, the world's major companies have attached great importance to the industrial design of products and the emergence of specialized research and design institutions.
9, the modular design and virtual manufacturing
Modular design includes said previous parts of the software module and the design process of the general. Modular design of software can make the different systems or components are assembled and changing parameters in the computer, thus greatly accelerating the progress of new product design and development. Information technology and global economic integration, created the conditions for the virtual manufacturing engineering machinery manufacturing industry. In each big Multi-National Corporation of construction machinery, a clear trend is the manufacturer focus on research and development of equipment assembly, no longer manufactured parts, and push it to parts suppliers. Host manufacturers and parts suppliers and product research and development institutions cooperate with each other, play the creative spirit of the parties, joint development and production of marketable products.
10, machine telecommunication integrated with intelligent process
Engineering machinery modernization should give the humanity and spirituality. Intelligent engineering machinery is a thinking mind feeling