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2010 China solar thermal industry development forum held
News Source:Internet   Date:2014/7/18 10:47:46   Hit:1442
Yesterday morning, Jiangsu, Rugao 2010 China solar thermal industry development forum held in Guanghua Le Grand Large Hotel on the third floor, international conference hall. NDRC Energy Bureau deputy director Deng Kui, brand Chinese Industry Alliance chairman Ai Feng, the national quality inspection administration and regulation department deputy director Xu Xinjian, Chinese heat utilization Industry Association executive president Luo Zhentao, Chinese energy conservation association secretary general Huo Zhichen, Solar Energy Institute of Tsinghua University professor Yin Zhiqiang, Chinese rural energy industry association secretary general Wang Zhengyuan, the national solar energy Standardization Technical Committee Secretary General Jia Tieying, the National Energy Research Institute researcher Hu Runqing, Southeast University School of energy and environment, Shandong University of Science and Technology professor Wang Jun Electric Institute Vice President Yang Qianming, the national solar water heater product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Wuhan) chief Zhang Xiaoli, national solar water heater quality supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing) director Tao and city leaders Chen Huijuan, Yang Caoming, Li Zhonglin, Shi Yao, Cheng Dexing, She Minggao, Si Zhujian, Zhang Jianping, Wu Daojian, attended the forum.
Vice mayor of Nantong City, the city party secretary Chen Huijuan speech at the forum. She said, in recent years, the city adhere to the new energy industry as a strategic emerging industry to grasp, to give strong support in the industry, policy support and other aspects, to promote the rapid development of solar energy industry aggregation. After 10 years of unremitting efforts, China solar energy industry has been achieved, the specialized production enterprise cluster, thermal engineering and installation of supporting services from the vacuum tube, solar water heater, solar energy, has formed a set design, manufacture and installation, logistics and distribution in one complete solar energy photothermal conversion green industry chain at the same time, took the lead in the development of industry standards, has become the influence in the country's solar manufacturing base. At present, the city's total solar energy more than 150 enterprises, a number of major industrial projects to Chinese second green energy industry chain enterprises in Jiangsu yuan Group as the representative is accelerating, the solar energy industry into a new development period. She said, I will take this forum as an opportunity, firmly grasp the seventeen session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the vigorous development of circular economy opportunity, to further increase the solar industry leading support, to build the country's largest county (city) level of solar energy industry cluster base, build the largest green energy Chinese complete industrial chain, create Chinese most influential solar thermal industry park, build Chinese solar products to use to create China largest solar export base area, the highest rate of. She hoped that the experts to give advice and suggestions for development of solar energy industry in our city, to make positive contribution to the development of low carbon economy, the protection of the ecological environment and promote sustainable development.
If the town party secretary, mayor Huang Jianlong at the forum the forum as well as the town of photothermal industrial park. The experts, scholars, entrepreneurs are around the "green new energy industry, new opportunities, new low carbon life" theme, on how to promote solar thermal industry of sustainable development on the exchange.
Forum activities, Chinese heat utilization Industry Association executive president Luo Zhentao to the city awarded the "China (Rugao) the use of solar thermal industry development base" title; Jiangsu Yuansheng solar group respectively, and Shandong University of Science and Technology, Southeast University College of mechanical and electrical engineering, energy and Environmental Science Institute signed a "school enterprise cooperation practice, research and development base" protocol, "air source heat pump technology cooperation agreement" and "photoelectric heating technology cooperation agreement". Agricultural greenhouse and building integrated solar power generation project, sunflower solar electric symbiosis system projects such as urban a number of solar thermal industry project successfully signed.