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WZJZ-III The station adapter
1 Introduction
The station adapter type WZJZ-III scheduling command (hereinafter referred to as the "adapter") is a part of the scheduling command wireless transmission system, its main function has: send DMIS equipment wired scheduling command data, through wireless train dispatching radio stations transmit; forwarding automatically confirm, DMIS wireless vehicle number receiving decoder receives the receipt, shunting request information to a DMIS device. With a "black box" function, work recording forwarding scheduling command and automatic response, sign, shunting request information, and can be easily derived data.
The equipment complies with TB/T3231-2010 "GSM-R digital application service of mobile communication system scheduling command information wireless transmission system" standards. Product quality management in strict compliance with ISO9001 quality system standard.
2 equipment features
2.1 has the advantages of small volume, light weight, firm structure, meet the requirements of the use of the environment.
2.2 power on self test function.
2.3 can store a maximum of 2000 data.
2.4 by supporting the wiring and computer software to the data backup storage into a computer, and query classification.
2.5 support USB function, only need to insert U disk in USB interface adapter automatic backup storage data to the U disk.
2.6 liquid crystal display device, in each work process has the corresponding liquid crystal display.