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WHKJ - Ⅱ locomotive for the detector
1,An overview of the
WHKJ - Ⅱ locomotive for the detector (hereinafter referred to as the library inspection station) set in the garage appropriate location, through the wireless way to wireless radio LieDiao locomotive main parameters, performance index parameters and automatic detection and wirelessly to the locomotive on wireless LieDiao trains, equipment and work scheduling command equipment is normal test.
All of the locomotive radio serial number. Through the ground locomotive radio remote control or on the manual way to enter into self-check, locomotive radio into introspection way will be the launch of the station after receiving, the audio codec, and whether the testing results of normal power supply voltage, etc., is transmitted through wireless way to the library to check.
Library check from the engine, receives "trains, information", on the basis of judging the locomotive car time, equipment is working correctly; Library inspection scheduling command, send "in-out warehouse detection" wait for locomotive dispatching command on the equipment after receiving the scheduling command back to the "auto reply" and "manual receipt" data frames, judging on the basis of locomotive dispatching command on the device is working correctly.
Library to check the test results will be automatically store and you can consult, print test results and analysis for maintenance personnel to understand the locomotive scheduling command stations and trains, equipment, provide a scientific basis for equipment use.