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ZLSZ-I digital voice recorder (Two)
Product introduction
ZLSZ-I digital voice recorder (hereinafter referred to as the "recorder") for solid state digital voice recorder I company in recent years development, application in railway dispatching station, station, locomotive station, telephone etc / wireless communication equipment call records of supervision, it is necessary equipment for quality supervision responsibility, accident identification work, provide accurate timely analysis basis for leaders and managers.
The recorder uses embedded ARM chip, combined with the large scale integrated circuit to complete sampling, for voice compression, coding and storage, using solid SD card recording voice data, recording the sound clear, long recording time, good seismic performance, low power consumption. LCD screen Chinese, friendly man-machine interface, operation is convenient. Can realize two-way voice while recording, and can be monitored or playing in the recording. In addition also has a telephone remote query interface and Ethernet interface, can be programmed through the telephone remote query and play the recorded content, can also through the network management terminal for remote query and play the recorded content, remote download voice, remote monitoring equipment, remote clock calibration operation. Products comply with TB/T 3025-2008 "railway transportation communication digital voice recorder" standard.
Overalldimension(LxWxH):200 mm×220 mm×61mm